Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie (No Bake)
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert, Sweet, Pudding, Pie
Cuisine: Vegan, Vegetarian, American
Serves: 10
Biscuit Base
  • 12 Hob Nob biscuits
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. golden syrup

Peanut Butter Filling
  • 130g (3/4 cup) cashews (soaked)
  • 10 tbsps. hazelnut milk (or milk of your choice)
  • 4 tbsp. peanut butter (I used crunchy for texture)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla paste
  • 1 tbsp. maple syrup
  • Pinch salt (optional)

Chocolate Topping
  • Aquafaba from one 400g tin of chickpeas
  • 1 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 3 tbsp. sugar
  • 2 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp. vanilla paste
  • 1 tbsp. maple syrup

Coconut Whipped Cream
  • 1 can coconut cream or coconut milk (chilled overnight)
  • Approx. 50g vegan icing sugar*
  • 1 tsp vanilla paste

  • Vegan chocolate
  • Crushed peanuts
  1. Crush the biscuits into crumbs either by hand (bag and rolling pin method works well) or in a food processor
  2. Melt the coconut oil and syrup in the microwave for a few seconds and add to the biscuits
  3. Stir well and add the mixture to a well oiled pie dish
  4. Press down and out to the edges until you have an even base
  5. Add to the freezer whilst you make the filling

Peanut Butter Filling
  1. Soak the cashews overnight in cold water or in boiling water for 1 hour then drain
  2. Add all the ingredients for the peanut butter filling into a high powered blender and blitz
  3. Scrape down the sides and add more milk as needed
  4. The mixture wants to be quite thick but spreadable
  5. Add the mixture into the pie crust and return to the freezer

Chocolate Topping
  1. Drain a large can of chickpeas and set the chickpeas aside for another recipe (like this!)
  2. Put the liquid into a clean (oil and grease on the bowl may stop the mixture whipping properly), metal bowl and add the cream of tartar (this is optional but it helps the aquafaba whip up)
  3. Whisk until firm peaks form (takes a long time - about 10-15 minutes)
  4. Gradually add the sugar and vanilla paste and whisk to combine
  5. Fold in the maple syrup and cocoa powder
  6. Pour the chocolate mixture onto the top of the pie and return to the freezer
  7. Leave for at least 3 hours until the top is set

Coconut Cream
  1. This can be made just before serving or added to the pie and kept frozen
  2. Take a can of coconut cream or full fat coconut milk (preferably chilled overnight)
  3. Add the solids to a cold, metal bowl (if using coconut milk the solids should have separated to the top, careful not to shake the can. Save the coconut water for another recipe like smoothies or coconut rice).
  4. Whisk the coconut cream for about 30 seconds then add vanilla paste and sieved icing sugar gradually until consistency and sweetness are to your liking
  5. This can be added on top of the pie, with decorations of chocolate chips and nuts
  6. The pie can then be kept in the freezer until it's ready to eat and returned to the freezer if there's any leftovers
* Some icing sugar is not vegan but most that say 'organic' are. Check the package or use a replacement like this. Alternatively, many people use a good blender to grind their own.

* This pie is best kept in the freezer. The chocolate layer melts quite fast when left out so keep in the cold until just before serving.

* Whipped coconut cream has been used by many other bloggers as a dairy alternative. Take a look around for other recipes and hints and tips.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1/10 Calories: 348 Fat: 22.2 Saturated fat: 10.9 Carbohydrates: 29.9 Sugar: 20 Sodium: 1.8 Fiber: 2.7 Protein: 5.9
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